One-on-One Training:

This is where one client and one trainer will meet for about one hour, 2 to 4 times a week depending on their needs.  During this time, we will go through a stretch routine, training, and discuss diet, sleep, stress and any other area of concern.  We will also do a monthly assessment to track progress and reevaluate our direction.

Sport Specific Personal Training:

This type of training is also a one hour session where we recommend 1-3x per week depending on the individual's needs. During this time, we will assess and administer exercises that will help the individual improve on the sport specific movements that need the most work. This individualized approach helps the athlete excel by working on specific areas such as: Speed, Power, Acceleration, Deceleration, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination and over all Strength.

Small Group Training:

This type of training can be just as effective and is more affordable.  Small groups of 2 to 5 people will meet and go through a stretch routine, and then a group version of the appropriate training.  As with the one-on-one training, a monthly assessment for each member of the group will be completed for motivation and tracking of your success.  This is a great way to spend time with your friends while accomplishing a healthier you.

Maintenance Training:

This type of training is for the individual who has already achieved their goals and is now looking to maintain their shape and receive motivation.  For this training, you will meet with a trainer once a week and a self-driven workout will be designed for you.  Also included in this training is a monthly physical assessment to track your progress.

Individualized packages are available based on your need and overall objective.

Pricing is dependent on location and session package.  We accept cash, check, PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

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